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guatemalaJust below and bordering Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize sits a beautiful landscape of culture and natural beauty. Set beneath the mountainous Central American terrain, Guatemala is a country of natural, cultural, and historical interest. Ancient Maya temples lay undisturbed aside rain forest cities, but the cultural and colorful traditions of the ancestors have been kept alive by the current generations. Unique to Guatemala is the Native American population that make up over half of the countries population. It’s this glamorous display of ancient cultures and traditions, hand-in-hand with the beauty that makes Guatemala a highlight for travelers.

Guatemala is diversely landscaped. The flat Pacific coast is backed by steaming volcanoes and along the other side sits the calm and quiet Caribbean where hammocks swing from coconut trees while punta rock and reggae hymns are played. In between the two coast sit some of the most preserved rain forests throughout Central America at Petén.

The people of Guatemala are extremely courteous and kind, always willing to share a smile and a story. The colorful lifestyle and benevolent attitude of the locals make Guatemala a great destination for people who want to explore history, experience culture, and enjoy both the Pacific and Caribbean oceans best.

  • Public Transport

La Aurora International Airport (GUA) – Located in Guatemala City this airport sits 15 minutes outside of the main city.

Buses – Cheap and convenient and often a source of great laughs and memories due to the fact that the buses in Guatemala are mainly second class services.

Taxis – You can always find one available, but negotiate before entering; meters are obsolete.

Boats – Look for private boats that will take you along the coast.

  • Currency and Exchange Rates

Quetzel One of the more stable currencies found in Central America.

Exchange Rates US $1 = Q 7.6 ; 1 Eur = Q 9.7

  • Languages

Primary Language Spanish
Other Languages English-due to the number of Spanish school for English speaking students.

  • Weather

Guatemala is said to have one of the most pleasant climates in the world with warm to mildly hot days and cooler evening all year long.

Best Time to Visit Year-round, avoiding the most common rainy months.
Rainy Season May to October

  • Capital and Country Population

Guatemala City – Home to the airport. Called the antithesis of the rest of the country.
Population – 12.7 million

  • Travel Highlights and Activities

Western Highlands – Home to the best Maya villages.
Lago de Atitlán – Highland lake surrounded by volcanoes.
Caribbean Coast – Relaxed Caribbean atmosphere.
Antigua – The “colonial” capital with something for everyone.

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