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The original Banana Republic. Honduras is a country of many activities and too often overlooked by visitors to the region. From Copán, the ancient ruins, to the white sand beaches of the Bay Islands, Honduras is not to be missed. Beyond these two main attractions, Honduras is a place of natural beauty and mystifying sceneries. Honduras is the second largest country in Central America (the largest is Nicaragua). It borders with Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador and sits solely on the Caribbean coast. After Nicaragua, this is Latin America’s second poorest country, but don’t let that stop you, Honduras is a phenomenal place where visitors can relax, explore, and find open generosity and friendliness.

After being devastated by hurricane Mitch in the late 90′s, Honduras has made a fighting comeback as a country determined to survive. In Tegucigalpa the aftermath of the hurricane is still evident in some parts of the city, while the atmosphere remains relaxed and kind. Towards the coast you can find Garifuna villages where people are eager to please and the waters can offer some of the best diving in the world.

Visitors to Honduras will enjoy the natural beauty of the mainland, but forever fall in love with the Bay Islands. Honduras is a place to truly enjoy life, breathe fresh air, and be happy.

  • Public Transport

Tegucigalpa Airport (TGU) – The international airport in the capital serviced regularly.

San Pedro Sula (SAP) – Another international airport in the country’s industrial city.

La Ceiba (LCE) – Airport serviced by local flights off the coast.

Roatan International (RTB) – The international airport of the Bay Islands.

Buses – Good bus service throughout the country.

Taxis – Always available. Negotiate rates before entering the cab.

Boats – Water Taxis service the coasts and the Bay Islands regularly along with a ferry service.

  • Currency and Exchange Rates

The US dollar is widely accepted, but bring small bills. Traveler checks will be accepted in larger cities and more established stores.

Lempira (L) Consists of 100 centavos. Prices are rounded down for change since there is no 1 centavo coin.
Exchange Rates US $1 = L 19 ; 1 Eur = L 24

  • Languages

Primary Language – Spanish
Other Language – English spoken widely in the Bay Islands.

  • Weather

Mainland towns are hot during the dry season, while coastal towns will be cooler.

Best Time to Visit December to April
Rainy Season May to November with hurricane season in October and November

  • Capital and Country Population

Tegucigalpa – A city that offers colonial charm and a pleasant atmosphere.
Population – 7 million

  • Travel Highlights and Activities

Bay Islands – Roatan in particular, though all three have something special to offer.
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling – Crystal clear waters along a great barrier reef.
White Water Rafting – Raft through the rain forests.
Animals – Great bird watching and many other exotic animals.
Copán – Maya ruins.

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