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The largest country in Central America, but by far the least traveled. With little to offer tourist and the poorest country in all of Latin America. Nicaragua experienced turmoil in the form of civil war for many years and for only the past decade has been at peace. However, due to the poor and failing infrastructure, the country is often an eye-sore. Nicaragua borders Costa Rica and Honduras with boundaries on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

However, Nicaragua has been working on their tourism industry recognizing the value it can bring to their country and it is working. And more than touristy activities, in Nicaragua visitors can interact with people who fought in and survived a people’s revolution immediately followed by a civil war. Additionally, Nicaragua is home to undiscovered surfing beaches that will keep surfers entertained for weeks on end.

The arts and crafts of the country are above par to other countries. The people are engaging. The atmosphere is unique. Nicaragua may not be the first destination on a Central America tour, but it is a destination worth experiencing.

  • Public Transport

Nueva Guinea Airport (NVG) – A small airport that accepts international flights but serviced irregularly.

Buses – Generally crowded with locals, but servicing many international routes from Managua.

Taxis – Available most of the time. Negotiate rates before entering.

Boats – Available on the coasts to get to off-shore surf spots.

  • Currency and Exchange Rates

Cordóba Oro (C$) Coins are broken into 100 centavos. Bills start at C$1.

Exchange Rates US $1 = C $17 ; 1 Eur = C $22

  • Languages

Primary Language Spanish

  • Weather

Best Time to Visit May to March

Dry Season December to April
Wet Season May to November

  • Capital and Country Population

Managua – Not much to offer but a travel hub for the country.
Population – 5.48 million

  • Travel Highlights and Activities

Pacific Lowlands – The fertile part of the country where agriculture is centered.
Granada – Colonial style city set aside a beautiful lake.
Masaya – The arts and crafts capital of Nicaragua.
Surfing – Explore great beaches and surf them or charter surf boats to off-shore breaks.

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