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The last country before leaving Central America, Panama is known as one of the greatest crossroads in the world. Connecting South and Central America through the Panama Canal, the country is culturally diverse and looked on by many as a US development; even the currency used is the US dollar. Rarely visited by travelers, partly due to it’s location on the very south part of Costa Rica with no other Central American country borders, Panama is still an outstanding natural beauty.

Panama has coasts on both the Pacific and Caribbean. The unspoiled and often unvisited beaches and coral are a rewarding sight for the few who make it that far south. The government is promoting international tourism, but most visitors have not quite caught onto their efforts. Panama has no reason to envy it’s fellow Central American countries as it’s rain forests and landscaping are equally beautiful, if not more so. Unfortunately, the country lacks the needed infrastructure to promote these sceneries and make easy access to them for the public.

Panama, home to the Panama Canal, is a rewarding destination. Visitors will appreciate the natural beauty and the diverse population of species in addition to visiting one of the worlds most important centers of trade.

  • Public Transport

Tocumen Airport (PTY) – One of many airports but the most frequented for international flights. Most in-country flight are not worth the money since cities are relatively close to each other.

Buses – If there is a road, there is a bus. The cheapest way to travel Panama.

Taxis – Not as frequented as in other Central American countries.

Boats – Find water taxis waiting near the shores to take you around the water for cheap.

  • Currency and Exchange Rates

Panama is the most economically advanced country in Central America.

Balboas Panama adopted the US currency in 1902 and has not printed their own money since. The balboas have been replaced entirely by the US dollar.
Exchange Rates US $1 = $1 ; 1 Eur = $1.3

  • Languages

Primary Language – Spanish
Other Language – English

  • Weather

Set well within the tropics Panama experiences great weather year round.

Best Time to Visit December to April
Rainy Season May to December

  • Capital and Country Population

Panama City – The transportation hub of the country.
Population – 3.2 million

  • Travel Highlights and Activities

Panama City – Perhaps the most exciting capital in Central America.
Panama Canal – Watch mighty ships import and export goods at this monumental sight.
Darién – The wild rain forest between Panama and South America.
Cloud forests – Hike great cloud forests.
Surfing – Discover great surf spots all along the coast.

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