Living in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If working, starting a business, raising a family, retiring or simply living in paradise is something you have been dreaming of, then Nicaragua is the ideal choice.

Unlike most tropical paradise countries, Nicaragua is still affordable, and still full of amazing opportunities. However, these opportunities are quickly disappearing. As the word about fabulous and affordable beachfront properties spreads, more people become interested. Every year more and more people are taking advantage of the rare opportunity to own their own piece of paradise.

Many people are comparing this rise in interest in Nicaragua to the interest Costa Rica garnered in the 80s. Within a few years real estate prices in Costa Rica sky-rocketed. Real estate prices in Nicaragua have already seen a huge increase in the past few years, and are only going to continue to rise as the prime locations become more and more rare.

Currently, Nicaragua is one of the top choices for retirees. And, just like Costa Rica did during the 80s, Nicaragua is now offering a variety of tax breaks to attract more people.

These tax breaks have already attracted thousands of people, and every year, thousands more join in on the super savings. The biggest attraction, aside from the abundance of untouched land where you can enjoy nature the way it was meant to be, is that you can retire at 45.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Nicaragua is lower than just about any other country in Central America. This means that you will be able to afford more luxuries on a much lower income. Housing prices and property taxes are also very low.

Expenses such as heating and air-conditioning can be eliminated from your budget. At first, the heat might seem a bit overwhelming, but once you get used to the tropical climate, you won’t miss air-conditioning at all. Even visitors find that the heat is bearable after just a few days. If you live near the coast, you have constant breezes flowing through your home that keep you nice and comfortable.

Another huge money saver is health insurance. Nicaragua offers low healthcare costs, without sacrificing on quality. There are already many first-class hospitals in and around Managua, and plenty modern, well equipped clinics and hospitals spread throughout the rest of the country.

Nicaragua has also made impressive improvements to their telecommunications services, the education system and to roadways.

Living on the Beach

Living on the sandy coast of the Caribbean Sea or the Pacific Ocean is an unaffordable dream for most people. Not in Nicaragua. In Nicaragua you will have your choice of which beach you would like to live on.

Beachfront property is getting more expensive every year, but it is still affordable. Properties that cost upwards of three million dollars in other countries, are currently around the two hundred thousand dollar mark in Nicaragua.

Safe and Stable

Nicaragua has a long history of civil unrest. All of this has changed. Foreign investment and government accountability have made the country one of the safest and most stable in the world, and the most safe and stable country in all of Central America.

If you are ready to make the move to a tropical paradise, then living in Nicaragua is the perfect choice. Don’t wait too long, though. Another few years and this beautiful country could also become unaffordable.

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