Roatan, Top Retirement Island

Many people dream of retiring to a tropical island, where they can enjoy the charms of white sandy beaches, tropical living, great weather, water activities like diving and snorkeling, the list goes on and on. Many can achieve this dream, and yes it is possible, and yes for everyone, not just the rich and famous.  Learn about Roatan, and if you already have, learn a bit more…

This year, again, Roatan has been rated #5 in the top Islands in the world to retire to by Island Magazines. This is the second year running that this leading magazine has had Roatan in its top list. Now why is Roatan so special that it keeps itself on the list continuously?

Everyone asks, what makes Roatan such a special place to retire? Let us being with its location: perfectly situated in the Caribbean Sea, 36 miles off the north shore of Honduras, and home to the majestic Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Roatan is a vacation paradise and is home to pristine, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, amazing tropical jungle-covered hills, a diverse and unique reef system for the greatest dives in the world, heartwarming people, unique cultures and authentic Caribbean charm.

Accessible to many, Roatan is just 2.5 hours from the USA; Fly directly to Roatan from cities like Atlanta, Miami and Houston and soon Dallas. For those north of the United States, flights from Toronto and Ottawa, Canada are available year-round

Come enjoy the wonders Roatan has to offer, it is an affordable place to live and thanks to it being a tourist destination, everyone can enjoy the exclusivity of living in a Caribbean paradise for a small price. There are four major supermarkets where you can find almost anything you buy at home, their modern designs will have you thinking you are in a Safeway in the USA.

Roatan is captivating, it is not densely populated and the natural beauty is outstanding. Everywhere you look you will see beautiful shades of blue from the ocean and sky, and land that is deep green and punctuated with colorful, tropical flowers.

It’s a good time to buy property here. Real Estate sales are just now starting to show momentum after a two-year leveling off period, it really is a buyer’s market with many great value homes and homes sites available at prices which will not last. Now is the time to buy and seize your island dream.

In conclusion, Roatan is still somewhat undiscovered and many people regard it as the way the rest of the Caribbean used to be, life moves slowly as the sun rises and sets, people enjoy family, friends the simple things in life. Breathe and enjoy Roatan…

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